Weird Criminal Law Stories # 610: Idiot’s explosive law suit

CONNECTICUT: Explosive idiot suit? A woman was severely hurt when she lit a quarter stick of dynamite that she found in her basement during a power outage last year – and is now suing her home’s former owner. Karina Gutierrez of Bridgeport suffered facial injuries in the September 2018, incident which she blames on the old owner leaving dynamite around.

FLORIDA: Lewd! A man was charged with exposing himself in the pillow section of a Walmart in Stuart, authorities said, Dennis Palmer, 31 reportedly said he was “just itching himself because he has crabs. “However, police said a surveillance video showed more “rubbing than itching” that continued for several minutes. There is no information as to whether an arrest was made.

GEORGIA: Cheeze-it spat & arson! An intoxicated man locked his mother and brother in a house he then set on fire – after an argument over a box of Cheeze-it crackers, police said. Fortunately, the trapped brother got free and lowered his 61-year-old mom to safety from a second-floor window in their Lithonia home. The other brother, Jeremy Wyatt, 32 was charged with arson and kidnapping.

FLORIDA: Hungry druggy? Key West police pulled over a man and arrested him for drug possession. The police had to use a Taser on the 37-year-old suspect to calm him down from thrashing around in the back of their cruiser. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop him from biting. When they arrived at the police station, they found that he had chewed off part of the back seat.

CHINA: Free cash, not… A software chief at a bank withdrew roughly $1 million in free cash at ATMs thanks to a loophole he exploited. Qin Qisheng, 43, learned by working for Huaxia Bank in Beijing that cash withdrawals made around midnight weren’t recorded. So, he drained cash at that hour for 14 months – until he was caught and arrested.

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