Weird Criminal Stories # 652: Dine and Dash Crash

CANADA: The headline read, “She fell afoul of the law.” A woman trying to dine and dash by crawling through a vent in the restaurant was arrested —  when she crashed through the ceiling next to a police officer.  The crook allegedly tried to ditch her bill by squeezing into an opening inside a bathroom at the restaurant in Burnaby, British Columbia, but instead plunged and was arrested.

CANADA: Zany seizure? Police in Canada unearthed a large illegal marijuana grow operation and seized $150 million worth of plants – along with three kangaroos and two zebras. The York Police Departments organized-crime unit earned their worth with this investigation, which yielded 37 arrests and 29,000 plants. It is reported that the animals were turned over to animal control officers.

FLORIDA: What could he be packing? A man in Key West was so insecure about his manhood that he whipped out a gun when a motorist mocked his penis size after asking him why he revved his Jeeps’ engine, according to a report.  “You must have a small penis” Dustin Kouns, a resident of Ramrod Key said to the other driver told him during the encounter on Halloween night 2020. Toby Keaton, of Coral Springs, told police Kouns began swearing and pulled out a 9mm Smith & Wesson, according to the report. “I was protecting myself,” police said Kouns told them.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Stupid pet trick? A man was caught trying to skirt coronavirus curfew rules – by walking a stuffed toy dog on  a leash. The dog walker was allegedly pretending to exercise a real dog in the city of Ceske Budejovice – one of the activities allowed in public after 9 pm – when police spotted him. He claimed the that the stunt was a joke and was given a warning not to try it again.

CHINA: No more square dancing? Shanghai has imposed new regulations on outdoor square dancing, a popular  activity for the middle-aged and elderly. Residents have long complained that loud music and gatherings are a nuisance for nonparticipants. It is alleged the  time for the elderly to enjoy square is from 7 pm to 9 pm, which coincides exactly with the prime time for children to do school assignments, said one Shanghai resident.

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