Weird Criminal Law Stories # 651: Parking Lot Quickie?

Hello Folks these are our last Weird Criminal Law Stories for the Year 2020. I will be back with new stories in 2021. Until then have a Happy New Year!

ALABAMA: Parking Lot Quickie? A couple was recently arrested for having sex in a car – in the perking lot of police headquarters. Paula Garner and James Sanders were caught in the act at 3:30 pm on a Friday in March, 2020 by the Brookside police Department’s security cameras. We learn, further, Garner was scheduled for court-ordered community service stemming from an earlier criminal case, and Sanders was her ride. Police said that they found meth and marijuana inside the car. The horney pair were walked to the jail and locked up. WHAT DUMB GALOOTS!

FLORIDA: We believe that  a simple apology would have been necessary. A man dealt with a car crash that he caused by peeling off his pants and underwear, according to police. Cody Hicks was driving erratically when he hit a car with two women inside near Bradenton. After the crash, he allegedly got naked from the waist down, stuck out his tongue and made a lewd gesture. He was charged with lascivious exhibition. Of COURSE!

UNITED KINGDOM: True Blockheads… two British bandits smashed all the way through a store’s brick wall with sledgehammers – only to be tossed into jail, police said. Ion Mihai 26, and Vervelis Stanci. 22, were arrested for breaking into Curry’s PC World in Ashford, England when an alarm went off before they could flee with 40 laptops in their possession.

UNITED KINGDOM: Dumb Bulb… A British man stole the blue lights from the top of a police car for “bragging rights,” and was tossed in jail. David McBeth, 30, jumped onto the roof of the vehicle in Sunderland, ripped off the lights and ran off. The Bird-brained bandit later pleaded guilty to theft.

ARIZONA: Web of trouble, maybe? A bandito in a Spider-man masked acted like a comic book villain when he robbed a pizza parlor.  The suspect who appeared to have a weapon in his waistband, was caught on camera ordering a worker to the floor, snatching $300 and running from Hungry Howie’s in San Tan Valley.

FLORIDA: Almost dead drunk? We learn that a drunken woman fell asleep on railroad tracks, was hit by a train – and survived. The woman, not identified by police, was struck by a very slow-moving train in Lake Worth Beach at 5 am on a March Thursday in 2020. Her injuries were not life-threatening police said.

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