Krystal Birdsong's Writings 6

Birdsong plans to continue showcasing his late daughter Krystal’s poems and musings on this blog.  Krystal graduated from Barry University in May of 2008.  She passed away in September of 2008.  Her passing broke all of our hearts.   Krystal always kept a journal but never showed her writings to her family.  This week birdsong presents two untitled pieces we found recently  while going through one of her journals.  Enjoy.


Loving to hate, but living to die.

Every morning I hear them calling.

Taking the breath and substance within.

Night and day I feel them breaking.

Krystal Birdsong 6/20/02


She slowly waves her soft, silken robe across the sky putting the world to sleep.

The stars, stretching, yawning, sleepy-eyed, steadily come out to play.

Now out to show their glory they dance and laugh as if no one were watching.

These angels, so pure and true will do nothing to stop the cheers of the people as they bounce off into the night!

Krystal Birdsong  4/1/01


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