Weird Criminal Law Stories 125

Germany: We hope “Billy” has a good lawyer. German police “arrested” a goat and put it in jail after the creature refused to budge from the middle of a busy intersection. It then led police on a wild chase across town. The only comment written on the “arrest papers” was “smells very bad.”

Goats do smell bad.

China: A Chinese trucker wasn’t going to let a smashed windshield stop him. He simply — and stupidly — covered it all up with cardboard, then steered while hanging  his head out the window to see the rocky road ahead. Too bad it was freezing cold, because his eyes practically froze shut. “I didn’t want to fall behind in my delivery schedule and I couldn’t afford a repair,” he reportedly pleaded with police officials, who nonetheless yanked his license.

Pu Yi!

Murfreesboro, TN: A Tennessee man has been arrested for DWI — dialing while intoxicated. The Murfreesboro man called 911, and when responding police asked the nature of the emergency, he told them he was “just drunk.” It was the 47th such call he had made this year. Police arrested him for abuse of the 911 system.

47 times. Yep, that’s abuse of the system!

Tennessee: This lady didn’t fall and didn’t need help getting up, but MedicAlert was still there for her. A Tennessee home invasion was stopped when the 89-year old resident pressed the button on her pendant, the company phoned and the intruder was scared off. The granny had awoken in the middle of the night to find the guy standing over her.

Good thinking granny!

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