Weird Criminal Law Stories 131

New Zealand: Is that a reptile in your pants, sir? A German smuggler was arrested trying to leave New Zealand with more than 40 endangered reptiles in his underwear. Customs agents discovered 44 geckos sewn into his drawers. Each was worth nearly $3,000. Hans Kurt Kubus was sentenced to 14 months of jail.

40 geckos in your undies sounds mighty uncomfortable!

Illinois: He may have missed this class in the seminary. A Roman Catholic priest was arrested for stealing butter and a sofa cover from an Illinois Wal-Mart. The Rev. Steven Poole also switched the price tag on a memory-foam mattress and pocketed a laptop power pack police said. Police said, “at least he’ll have something to talk about in confession.”

Father, you are going  straight to hell with this type of conduct….

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania police were left scratching their heads after someone stole 245 bales of hay from a farm near Wellsville. They are not sure how the thief got the load out of the barn or what he will do with it. In all the hay is probably worth about $1,000.

A crime with very high “bale.” Yuk, yuk, yuk….

San Diego, CA: A US border inspector thought he smelled something fishy about a truckload of white sea bass headed into San Diego from Tijuana, Mexico. It was a good hunch. Authorities seized 708 pounds of marijuana stowed under the fish.

Yep, reef madness.

Joplin, MO: One is supposed to cover one’s mouth while coughing. Police in Joplin arrested a man after witnesses reported he swallowed a $20,000 diamond ring he allegedly had stolen. While he was being questioned, he began to choking — and literally coughed up the evidence.

Should have covered his mouth….

St. Petersburg, FL: A burglar got caught after breaking into two homes in St. Petersburg — but at least he got a lot of exercise trying to make his getaway. First, he jumped on his bike and pedaled down street that dead-ended at a lake. The 20-year old then hopped into a pedal boat and tried to pedal across the water. Unfortunateely for him, police had a faster boat.


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