Weird Criminal Law Stories 132

Detroit, MI: An anti-prostitution activist is on the hook after finding himself on the wrong side of the law. The 51-year old Detroit man was arrested for impersonating  an officer, flashing a badge at a streetwalker and yelling, “Get off the Street!” The woman turned out to be an undercover female officer — although she was out to bag johns, not loudmouths.

Hoist by his own petard!

Sydney, Australia: Three armed robbers burst into a pub in Sydney and ordered terrified customers to lie on the floor while they forced the manager, at gunpoint, to hand over money. However, one of the masked thieves told the patrons not to worry — and then placed a mug of beer on the floor in front of each of them. They were also offered shots of bourbon from a bottle that bandits took from behind the bar.

It’s on the house… glug, glug!

Greely, CO: Want to make your job application standout? Then rob your potential employer at gunpoint. A California woman is accused of robbing Premier Cash Advance in Greely — two months after applying for a job there. In affidavits obtained by the Greely Tribune, investigators say Christine Drummond confessed to robbing the business. Employees at the check cashing store recognized Drummond from when she applied for a job.

Wear a mask, dummy!

Pennsylvania: Some crooks need heavy weaponry to pull off their heists. Gino Conti needed only a fork. The 31-year old Pennsylvania man used the kitchen cutlery to hold up a gas station at fork-point, police said, in late January 2010. Apparently, the sight of the prongs terrified the clerk, and Conti allegedly made off with cigarettes before being nabbed.


Ohio: A 61-year old man attacked a supermarket manager in Ohio after he got outraged over the price of crab cakes. The man spit on the manager and head-butted him six times in the melee. It turns out that the crab cakes bore the wrong price tag.


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