Weird Criminal Law Stories 185

United Kingdom: It has been reported that a model in England was recently arrested for receiving several thousand dollars in welfare benefits while working as the host of a TV porno show.  The host gig paid her $6,000 a month.  Her name, Lori Buckby.  Allegedly she was caught when welfare workers saw her on the TV show.  She was fined $1,500 and lost her right to welfare benefits.

Should we ask, who got screwed here?

Sweden: How about this excuse for driving drunk.  A woman in Sweden was arrested for DWI after leaving a dinner party.  She tried talking her way out of the ticket by contending she had no choice but to flee in her car when the dinner host claimed that beverages would be served and they would be followed by group sex.   Said excuse did not work.

Perhaps, she believed group sex would have been too filling!

Detroit, MI:  Did you ever hear the news that Detroit is a tough place.  Here’s confirmation.  Recently, someone stole the tires off the car of one of the vehicles from Mayor Dave Bing’s entourage while it was parked at a condominium complex.  “It is a microcosm of a larger challenge that we all have the responsibility of addressing,” said a spokesperson for the Mayor’s office.

Yep, gone in 60 seconds….

North Carolina:  It has been reported that a North Carolina funeral home has been accused of forgetting to bury a body.  Oh yeah, they also left the remains in a hearse for nine days.  Police found the body of the 37 year old woman, who had no next of kin, after someone complained of a foul odor.


Virginia:  Raymond Reeder, 39 and his girlfriend lent $2,000 to her childhood friend to purchase a 1998 Saturn station wagon.  When the loan was not repaid, Reeder and his girlfriend, who held title to the car,  hired a repo man to take the car  and chop it in half.

Wonder if the friendship survived….?

Oregon: A nitwit in Oregon  dialed 911 for room service.  Mark Eskelsen telephoned police from his hot tub at his house to tell police he needed a towel, some hot chocolate and a hug.  He is now facing a stretch in jail for abuse of the 911 system.

IDIOT! Bet he’ll get some hugs in jail.

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