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 Professor Birdsong is back with another dose of laughs and stories in Zany But All True Criminal Law Stories, Volume 2.  In this book, Professor Birdsong compiles a collection of criminal law stories from around the world, allowing readers to see and enjoy the more humorous side of criminal law.  With more than 250 stories from the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada, and more, there is something for everyone.

 Besides writing books about the unfortunate mishaps and blunders of some criminals, Professor Birdsong teaches Criminal Law, White Collar Crime, Evidence, and Immigration Law at Florida’s own Barry University School of Law.  Both in the classroom and in his writing, he strives to provide a unique perspective about these law stories, and provides his own commentary in the book that is sure to earn laughs from anyone who picks it up.  Stories this round include everything from drug dealers using a catapult to deliver marijuana to the United States to a Swedish man who attempted a bank robbery in a monkey suit.  It even features some more of the “drunken dummy” stories that were so popular in the first volume!

 You can purchase your own copies of Zany But All True Criminal Law Stories, Volumes 1 & 2 via Paypal on Professor Birdsong’s own website, or through online retailers like and Barnes and Noble.

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