Weird Criminal Law Stories # 331:Hairy Garcia?

CALIFORNIA: A Los Angeles pornography producer has agreed to never again use Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors for the titles of their xxx-rated films, court documents revealed. After being sued a year ago Caballero Video agreed to recall and destroy films it had been distributing under titles like “Hairy Garcia,” “Boston Cream thigh,” and “peanut Butter D-Cups.

Sort of makes one not want to eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream anymore


CONNECTICUT: Campus police at Yale are hunting for a  fiendish person who they call the “poopetrator.”  The person has been wreaking havoc at the Ivy League school by defecating inside dryers in a student laundry room. His or her nasty scheme was discovered only  after victims finished drying their clothes and found them covered with “evidence.”



MASSACHUSETTS: A long time police officer is under investigation after a 2010 audition tape surfaced showing him performing a racy striptease act for a proposed reality show.  Officer John McGuiness slings off his uniform for the “Wicked Summer” audition video. Department brass are checking to see if he violated protocols involving police uniforms.

There probably are no such protocols, it seems some people will do almost anything to get on a reality TV show.


TENNNESSEE: Danny Smith called Memphis police three times, complaining that he had been overcharged 1 cent for a can of Heineken beer. Police showed up at his house after the first call and told him that this was civil matter and not a police matter. After the third called police were  no longer amused by Smith’s persistence and arrested him for abuse of police communications.

Can you hear me now…


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