Weird Criminal Law Stories # 332: “Whizzanator?”


ITALY: Italian long distance runner Devis Licciardi was accused of using a fake penis to deliver “clean” urine after a 10K race to beat doping  allegations.

We’ve heard that the fake penis is called a “whizzanator.”


INDIA: Four men were arrested for trying to smuggle $100,000 in gold into the country – in their stomachs. The men had swallowed banquet of small gold bars and coins to avoid customs.

That’s $25,000 in each of them. Wonder what would’ve happened if one of them had to take a dump?


CHINA: It appears that that there are a tremendous amount of smokers in China. How do we know? When officials at Beijing’s Palace Museum, aka, the Forbidden City, began enforcing a smoking ban by confiscating cigarette lighters, 8,0000 were taken away the first day of the ban.

This just burns me up…

CANADA: We learn that there is a recent report that medical authorities in Quebec are barring doctors from performing “virginity tests,” and any doctor who does could face monetary fines.  Researchers uncovered four cases in which doctors were asked to determine whether or not a woman had engaged in intercourse.  The College Des Medecins criticized the practice as an intrusion into private lives.

No, no to no nookie tests…


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