Weird Criminal Law Stories # 333:Department of Revenue?

OREGON: It was easy for authorities to discover the counterfeit $20 bills that Michael Dietrich allegedly turned out. Why? Well, they all had the same serial number. His lack of imagination was discovered by a gun dealer in the town of Keizer who spotted the duplicate 20’s. This case is even weirder because at the time of Dietrich’s arrest he was the manager of the Oregon State Department of Revenue.

Perhaps, he was not paid enough at the department of revenue.


GEORGIA: a Newton County sheriff’s deputy crossed the line and allegedly started selling marijuana out of his patrol car. Deputy Darrell Mathis allegedly told a pal that he would never be caught because he was police officer.  Unfortunately, he was wrong.  The pal went to the FBI.

There’s a song titled a policeman’s work is never done, but this policeman’s job is finished.



NEW MEXICO: A violent woman was arrested after police said she attacked her boyfriend with a boot, a tire iron and a screwdriver – while he was behind the wheel with car moving.  The Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect is being held in jail on battery charges.

The boyfriend must have cheated on her and she found out about it!



ARIZONA: Police on underage drinking patrol singled out a father at a Cardinals NFL preseason football game that had his fifteen year old son to hold his beer while the father took photographs of the action on the field. The police officers kicked the whole family out of the stadium, and state liquor officials said that if they had been stricter, the father could have received two years in jail.

OK, ok, some states have just become ridiculous with their anti-alcohol campaigns.


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