Weird Criminal Law Stories # 334:Friended

TENNESSEE: A murder conviction was overturned and a new trial ordered when it was revealed that one of the jurors “friended” one of the expert witnesses on Facebook and sent a message complimenting her testimony. This online error helped accused murderer, William Smith, get a new trial.



IDAHO: James “Jimmy” Brown a city councilman from Spirit Lake, was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to a woman during an angry confrontation with her husband, authorities report. Councilman Brown and the man were arguing outside of a tavern when the lawmaker allegedly displayed his genitals and shouted, “This is what a real man looks like!”

Exposing himself like that was not much of a political platform!


TEXAS: Jailers have issued new charges against inmate Paul Reyes, 32, for allegedly possessing a contraband cell phone while locked up in the Bexar County. Sheriff’s deputies received a tip that Reyes was taking pictures of himself behind bars and posting them to Facebook.  Jailers found the phone in his pants and the charger around his waist.

Sounds like a case of “selfie” incrimination.


TEXAS: Police in Lewisville did not have to go to great lengths to arrest two men on felony theft charges. Why not? The crime took place at police headquarters. The suspects were in charge of the criminal evidence section at headquarters and over a three year period they, allegedly stole items, including tools, a knife, a camera, and thousands of dollars in cash.



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