Weird Criminal Law Stories # 335: Frankencat?

POLAND: It was not alive! It has been reported that a disturbed Warsaw woman has been taken into custody for allegedly trying to create a Frankencat. Police raided her home and found live cats and dogs and the corpses of hundreds of pets, many of which had been cut up and crudely recombined. The home was filled with stench. The woman told police she was trying to make an ‘undead” feline.


FLORIDA: Police in the town of Holiday arrested a 54-year-old man after a fight with his 80-year-old live in girlfriend got out of hand and he attempted to perform an exorcism on her. David Benes held her down and told her he was trying to “get the devil out of her.”

The power of Christ commands you. The power of Christ commands you…


FLORIDA: Welfare fraud? Ashley McGinley, 23, was arrested for selling food stamps on her Facebook page. Hernando County sheriff’s deputies had not problems catching her – she was already in jail on other unrelated charges.

Welfare Queen


FRANCE: Oh mummy, how we missed you! A story from Paris maintained that an apartment for sale there had everything: vaulted ceilings, marble counter tops, and a mummified body.  A man who bought the apartment at auction arrived with the door keys and found the hanged corpse of the previous resident.  The building manager had apparently never looked inside the apartment after the resident had disappeared.

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