Weird Criminal Law Stories # 336: Urine & Hand Sanitizer

PENNSYLVANIA:  A Youngwood resident, Lori Lynn Sullenberger, 37, was arrested for allegedly trying to sneak a urine sample, hidden in a bottle of hand sanitizer, into court. She had been ordered to give a sample as part of an ongoing custody matter. A probation officer spotted her with the urine before she was able to switch samples.


NEW HAMPSHIRE: “Live free or die.” That is the state motto and it is emblazoned on every license plate of every car registered in New Hampshire. However, recently a court has upheld the state’s rejection of a driver’s application for vanity plates spelling out “COPS LIE.”


CONNECTICUT: A Philly man who police maintain “slithered” along movie theater floors to steal credit cards from women’s purses was sentenced to 16 years in a Connecticut prison. Anthony Johnson, 50, was convicted of multiple counts of credit card and identity theft for the thefts, usually perpetrated during so-called “chick flicks” that attracted crowds of women. Snakey or Sneaky?


WISCONSIN: Mitchel Pfaff, 25, of La Crosse, was arrested when police saw him attempting to exact revenge on a tree in a park by ripping off a limb. Pfaff explained to the police he was “paying  the tree back” because he blamed it for a broken skull he suffered when a friend fell from a branch and landed on him. Idiot!


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