Weird Criminal Law # 338: Sex with a Pool Float!

OHIO: Love makes him do foolish things! They say he was looking for love in all the wrong places, but, maybe he just has a rubber fetish. Edwin Charles Tobergta pleaded guilty to public indecency for having sex with a rubber pool float in front of several children. He was sentenced to eleven months in jail. Tobergta of Hamilton had been previously charged with having sex with an inflatable pumpkin and with a pool raft.


TEXAS: MTD – Much too dumb! A thief was arrested in Houston after he tried to steal the hubcaps from a Cadilllac parked outside a restaurant where sheriff’s deputies were hosting a retirement party. After one of the deputies spotted the crime in progress the suspect was confronted by 30 law enforcement officials and promptly arrested. D’Oh!


OHIO:  When a female Arby’s employee in East Lampeter Township was groped by a drive through customer, she provided police description of the man’s car. Police officers spotted the vehicle at a nearby hotel and followed a trail of curly fries to the room of a 36-year-old man, who they charged with indecent assault.


ARIZONA: Stephen Chapman, 22, of Pinal County, was found in bed with a wayward spouse. When her husband showed up Chapman refused to leave the couple’s home. It is reported that Chapman allegedly charged at the shotgun toting husband, who then shot his wife’s lover in the hand. However, when police showed up at the house it was Chapman who was arrested, on suspicion of disorderly conduct. Suspicion of disorderly conduct… why not arrest him for adultery or for being stupid?


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