Weird Criminal Law Stories # 341: Garage Sale?

LOUISIANA:  Some garage sale! Three siblings were arrested after taking water coolers, electronics, music equipment and other large items from a New Orleans area church under renovation and putting them up for sale in their driveway just a block away. BLOCKHEADS!


INDIA: Police in India are in a spot of trouble for arresting a man for drinking a cup of tea in a “suspicious” manner.  Vijay Patil, 49, was sipping chai at a roadside stall when officers handcuffed him and took him to the police station.  A Bombay court quashed the charges, calling them “bewildering” after police claimed the man didn’t give a good explanation for his tea drinking habits. So, so bogus was this arrest….


SCOTLAND:  Is his name Dale the whale? A morbidly obese man who used a stolen credit card to purchase $250 worth of pizzas failed to appear in court – because he was too obese, his lawyer said. The 21-year-old man, who weighs 550 pounds, pleaded guilty to ordering Domino’s four times with the card. Although he pleaded guilty, the judge has put sentencing off to a later date.


VIRGINA: It appears that he has issues with women…. Starting in late 2013, Virginia shopping malls are safe from the Virginia “butt slasher.” Johnny G. Pimentel of Fairfax was sentenced to seven years in prison for a crime spree wherein he slashed the behinds of women in shopping malls.  The attacks began in 2011 when Pimentel cut a 20-year-old woman on her hind parts with a knife before running away.  He was sentenced in September, 2013.


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