Weird Criminal Law Stories # 344: Defend Yourself!

FLORIDA: So humane….A bandit carjacked a woman in a dangerous crime-ridden section of Orlando, but he didn’t want to leave her defenseless in that part of town. So, he handed her a box cutter to defend herself from other possible criminals. He then said, “take care of yourself” and drove away in her Honda vehicle.


FLORIDA:  No good deed goes unpunished. A Fort Lauderdale woman was arrested for calling 911 to report a bunch of drunken people
– at a bar.  Mary Jaggers was reportedly charged with abusing the 911 system, for allegedly repeatedly telephoning to report that there were too many drunks at Arties Sportsman Lounge. As Jaggers was taken away by police, she maintained she only wanted to prevent drunken driving.


 FLORIDA: It was only a drill?  Police rushed in and Brandon Regional Hospital near Tampa, went into lockdown when someone reported seeing a man with a gun in the halls. After a few minutes police realized the supposed-gunman was a hospital maintenance man carrying a power drill.


FLORIDA: Police responded to a silent alarm at a CVS pharmacy in Melbourne and found a maintenance hatch open.  Moments later, a ski mask wearing man fell out of the hatch right in front of the police.  An arrest was immediately made. The headline read: “His plans fell through.”


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