Weird Criminal Law Stories # 345: Flush…

BANGLADESH: A royal flush! An aircraft cleaning crew found $41.9 million in gold bars in a toilet aboard a jet in Bangladesh. Authorities surmise that the owner became worried that he would be caught smuggling and tried to flush the gold.


 MISSOURI: A Missouri appeals court has ruled that former Kansas resident Toby Gettler, who now lives in the neighboring state of Missouri, can keep the license plate “MZU SUX.” AW SHUX!


 NORWAY: A hunter while trying to bag a moose fired an errant shot that pierced the wall of a cabin and struck a man sitting on his toilet.  The injured man was air lifted to an Oslo area hospital with non-life-threatening wounds, police report. The hunter was aiming at the moose and possibly did not see the cabin more than 100 yards beyond the moose.


CALIFORNIA: A would be thief got a real shock. The 51-year old man broke into a Southern California Edison station in Pico Rivera to steal valuable copper wiring and touched a breaker, knocking out power and himself.  He was found semiconscious with burns on one arm.  We learn he will be charged with burglary as soon as he recovers. Zaaaaaaaap…


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