Weird Criminal Law Stories # 346: Crazy Old Coot!

FLORIDA: There’s no coot like an old coot. An 80-year-old man wearing lipstick was arrested in Ocala  for allegedly swiping a woman’s purse. Security guards saw the man, who wore blush and bright red lipstick but no wig, tearing price tags off items and stashing them into a purse which he had not paid for. The man tried to get away without paying – yet, he had $800 in his wallet.

SWEDEN: How ridiculous! Authorities in Sweden are insisting that a hotel install smoke detectors, even though it is made completely of ice. The Icehotel in the small Arctic town of Jukkasjaervi is a hotel that is rebuilt from huge blocks of ice each winter. Now authorities say the hotel must conform to regular building codes by installing smoke detectors before they can be allowed to have an occupancy permit.


ENGLAND: THUD! A Gambian man awaiting deportation in a British detention center was so upset that he wasn’t allowed to see his home country’s soccer team play on television ran head first into a wall and became paralyzed. We learn that Amadou Nyang is now suing the British government for not stopping from expressing his team loyalty.


CALIFORNIA: Reporters make the news! Two 19-year-old thugs approached Jeff Bush, a reporter for KRON-TV, and demanded his equipment. Bush’s body  guard opened fire on the would be muggers, wounding one of them and leading to their arrests. Attacks on TV news crews have been on the rise. Prompting Bay Area stations to send armed security to shadow reporters.




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