Weird Criminal Law Stories # 347: Big Bust?

NEW YORK CITY: Police need a big bust! It has been reported that the NYPD is on the lookout for a 19- year-old who stole a credit card and a driver’s license and used them to obtain breast enlargement surgery. The young woman filled out paperwork for the surgery using a fake ID and  received the surgery. She then paid for the procedure, $7,500, with a bogus credit card. Since leaving the surgery center she has not been seen.


UTAH: A family in Salt Lake City actually helped out a burglar they found in their home. Pablo Solorio told police he found the burglar had gotten into his house after breaking through a window at 6 am.  The intruder had badly cut his arm on the broken glass, so Solorio and his wife rendered first aid as they waited for an ambulance and the police to arrive.


COLORADO: Such a dimwit. A man was arrested in Lakewood for allegedly breaking into homes while wearing a GPS ankle monitor. Police noticed Brandon Campbell, 27, moving from house to house on their GPS monitor screens. He was wearing the ankle monitor for an earlier theft. Yes, he was arrested again.


ARIZONA: It appears that police in Glendale had little trouble finding fingerprints after copper wiring was stolen from a truck.  While handling the wire, the thief severed a finger and left it at the scene of the crime. D’Oh!


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