Weird Criminal Law Stories # 348: Practice Makes Perfect

SPAIN: A Spanish pianist is facing a possible seven years in prison after she was charged with causing “psychic injury” to a neighbor by practicing for eight hours a day.  Prosecutors are also seeking to get Lisa Marin banned from playing professionally for four years. Sounds like overkill!


CZECH REPUBLIC: Petr Svacha, 26, is facing a possible years in jail after using a chainsaw to slice his way back into a restaurant in the town of Zlin after closing time. Svacha just wanted to finish eating his pudding. Waiters at the restaurant had kicked Svacha out midway through his dessert because the restaurant was closing for the night.…Must have been some really good pudding.  


BRAZIL:Do they really want convicts to have knitting needles?  Prisoners in Brazil have a new way to win early release – knitting.   The convicts at Arisvaldo de Campos Pires prison are being allowed to perform work knitting clothes for a local fashion designer. The prisoners get a day shaved off their sentence for every three days of knitting.


FLORIDA: They also probably didn’t  get any tips. A gaggle of parking valets at a cruise ship port in Miami unleashed their frustrations at not being paid for parking the cars for all the passengers on an entire cruise ship. How? They dumped all of the passengers’ car keys into a random pile after a dispute with their bosses. The drivers were stranded for hours as they sorted through the hundreds of car keys.

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