Weird Criminal Law Stories # 349: Irony!

NORTH CAROLINA: Talk about irony! A North Carolina Child Protective Services supervisor, Wanda Larson, ended up in a lot of trouble recently after police found her 11-year-old foster son handcuffed to a porch and shivering with a dead chicken around his neck. Larson and her husband, Dorian Harper were both arrested. Her job is probably also at risk.


LOUISIANA: Oooops! In late 2013 hundreds of food stamp recipients went on a spending spree when their electronic benefits cards mistakenly listed their balances as “no limit.” Some, with only cents in their accounts, charged hundreds of dollars in food. Governor Bobby Jindal quickly cancelled all the fraudsters’ cards.


CALIFORNIA: What a perv! Downloading child pornography may be sick but there are times such people should not download. Here is an example: Walter Gafvert III of Boulder Creek, was picked up on suspicion of possessing thousands of child porn photos. While he was being questioned, Santa Cruz detectives looked at his cell phone in his hand and found that it was actively downloading child porn while in police custody!


FLORIDA: A Fort Pierce man, depressed because he had no one with whom to celebrate his birthday, ended up with lots of company – in the police station. The birthday man called 911 to complain that his neighbor wouldn’t drink with him to celebrate. Police explained to him that he was misusing 911. When he called again, they came to his house and arrested him.



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