Criminal Law Stories # 350: “V” for Vendetta of Victim?

FLORIDA: “V” for Vendetta or victim? An off duty North Miami Beach police officer was arrested at an Obama-care protest rally in Plantation for refusing to take off a “Guy Fawkes” mask. Ericson Harrell, 39, was wearing a cape and the mast at the rally that has been popularized by the film “V for Vendetta,” and often worn by Occupy Wall Street protestors. He allegedly refused to identify himself or show his face when officers asked him to. We understand that he is now on leave from the North Miami Police department. He probably now thinks “V” is for “victim” of Obama-care


PENNSYLVANIA: We think Kessler is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs… A police chief who is facing being fired contends that he plans to start his own militia. Chief Mark Kessler of the town of Gilberton is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. His job is in jeopardy because he posted on YouTube videos of himself firing his police weapon while raging against President Obama. Kessler has put out a flier wherein he maintains that his militia is: “NOT PART OF ANY INSURECTION (sic) MOVEMENT.”


TENNESSEE: She was certainly a hothead. A 15-year-old Knoxville school boy was chased by police and arrested after he set his teacher’s hair on fire with a lighter when she turned her back in class.  The boy ran from school when the police came and was captured after a chase around town. A few other students came to the rescue of the 23-year-old teacher, and put out the flames before she suffered major burns.


ARIZONA: And, we know he is not really an “Angel.”   Sheriff’ deputies in Arizona City arrested Angel Maza . He was arrested for allegedly burglarizing the home of a woman who had discovered him in her bedroom while armed with a handgun. Maza who is 36-years-old, told the arresting officers that the “devil” planted a stolen gun on him and forced him to go into the woman’s house.  




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