Weird Criminal Law Stories # 351:Butt-Dial?

ARKANSAS: Can you hear me now? A would be murder plot unravelled when one of the suspected coconspirators sat on his phone and butt-dialed the target, who heard details of the planned job and went to the cops. James Macom, 33, overheard his former employer, Larry Barnett, 68, telling a suspected hit man to make the killing look like an accident. Barnett was soon arrested by officers of the Jonesboro Police Department.


COLORADO: Irony? A woman stole a traveler’s suitcase at the Denver International Airport – just a few feet away from an airport official was giving a TV interview about how bags were rarely stolen in the airport. “It doesn’t happen often,” airport spokeswoman Stacy Stegman told a CBS camera crew the day before Thanksgiving, 2013. At the same time a thief in the same terminal had swiped and looted a bag before dumping it nearby.

NEW YORK CITY: How rude! A Brooklyn mother scared away a burglar who tried to break into her bathroom while she was potty-training her 3-year-old daughter. Araceli Coello, 29, was with her baby daughter, Allison, on a Friday night at 10:30 when she observed a man standing on the fire escape outside the window trying to open it. She started screaming at the man and throwing everything at him she could use to drive him off including, bottles of shampoo and cleaning supplies, while she shouted “Why are you doing this? I can see you! I am going to call the police!” Her shouting made the would-be burglar flee to the basement apartment in the same building which he lived. Poli1ce then arrested Edgar Ariza, 29, the son of the building’s superintendent. Creep!



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