Weird Criminal Law Stories # 352: Robot Suicide?

AUSTRIA: Weird stuff? We  have just learned that the world’s first robot suicide has taken place in Austria. The Irobot Roomba 760 cleaned its owners’ kitchen. In November 2013, when the robot finished its kitchen chores the owners turned it off for the night. The robot restarted itself, climbed on the stove, pushed a pot out of the way and turned on the burners.  We learned, further, that no suicide note was found.


ITALY: OINK! It has been reported that a still-breathing Italian mob boss was fed to the pigs by members of a rival crime syndicate.  Francesco Raccosta was beaten with iron bars by members of the N’drangheta crime family which controls much of the southern Italian region of Calabria. They then tossed him in the pig sty where he was eaten alive. The murder was allegedly carried out by mob boss Simone Pepe, 24, who admitting to the killing and three other murders. Raccosta had been missing for more than a year when authorities arrested Pepe and gained his confession.  A police spokesman said the bloody feuds between the rival crime clans had been ongoing since the 1950’s.


WISCONSIN: A church elder was arrested for allegedly stealing four cases of hand bells meant for his church. Police accuse David Neese, 57, of stealing the bells, worth a total of $10,500, each of which weighed 40 pounds, and selling them to pawn shops. Certainly one way raise some Christmas shopping money.


INDIANA: Yes, he keeps his word. A man at a gas station in the town of Franklin filled his gas tank and, allegedly, told attendants that he would return to rob the joint and then left. He soon returned and held up the station, but was quickly arrested, according to authorities. Nitwit…


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