Weird Criminal Law Stories # 353: Mowed Down…

FLORIDA: Here’s a weird and tragic story from DeLand. Marlon Brown, 38, was pulled over by police for not wearing his seat-belt. Dash-cam video from the police car showed that Brown got out his car and began to run.  The police officer gave chase in his police cruiser and ran over and killed Brown. The manner of death was ruled an accident, however, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Medical Examiners Commission has called the autopsy report into question. Although a grand jury did not indict Officer James Harris of any wrongdoing, he was fired and settlement was reached with the Brown family who received $500,000 from the city of DeLand. Brown’s wife, Krystal contends that officer Harris should be charged with vehicular homicide.


UTAH: Oooops! The town of Wallsburg did not hold municipal elections in 2013, because the town’s clerk forgot. Authorities in the town of 275 people realized that they should have conducted elections for the mayor and city council on November 5, but the town clerk never announced the start of the filling period for candidates.


VIRGINIA: A driver who is responsible for $440 in unpaid highway tolls since 2009, on the digitally monitored Dulles Toll Road, learned that with penalties and interest he now owes the state $202,000. However, Jason Bouncier, 33, has worked out  a settlement  with the toll authorities which will allow him to pay a total of only $96,000 in $150 monthly installments through the year 2067. If our math his correct he can finish paying this off by his 87th birthday.


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