Weird Criminal Law Stories # 354:Pay with your Gator!

FLORIDA: Gators aren’t legal currency! Fernando Aguilera was arrested after he went into a Miami convenience store and tried to trade a live 4-foot alligator for a 12 pack of beer. The clerk called police and Aguilera was charged with violating Florida wildlife laws.


NEW YORK CITY: Inquiring minds would like to know how? A teenage girl found carrying a dead fetus in a shopping bag at a Manhattan lingerie store is headed for trial, on a shoplifting charge. The trial was  set for January 2014 in the misdemeanor theft case. Medical examiners are still determining whether the fetus was alive when delivered and what caused the death. A Victoria’s Secret security guard who stopped the girl and her friend made the startling discovery in her shopping bag. Her lawyers would not discuss how the fetus came to be in the bag.


CONNECTICUT: Bad neighbor. A South Windsor man, Richard Cote, 67, despite pleas from police, allegedly repeatedly refused to move his parked car from a shared driveway to allow an ambulance to quickly transport a stricken neighbor. Cote was arrested on charges of failing to comply with an emergency police instruction. Idiot!


OHIO: The loss prevention manager at the Canton Kmart outlet has been accused of stealing from his own store.  The 22-year-old worker allegedly stole video games and game systems and sold them at a GameStop.

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