Weird Criminal Law Stories # 355: Stories From Abroad

FRANCE:  Trifecta of mayhem? A soldier in the northern city of Caen maimed three of his fellow soldiers after his live “souvenir” anti-tank rocket fell from his wall. The weapon exploded, and one soldier lost his legs, the second lost a testicle and the third lost his hearing.


JAPAN: Meow! A man on a yearlong burglary spree stole nearly $180,000 in cash and valuables to feed his 120 cats a gourmet diet, according to police.  Mamoru Demizu, 48, of Izumi City is suspected of breaking into houses 32 times to provide the $250-a-day cat feast.


JAPAN: What a “pisser.”A rail commuter was fined $12,000 after investigators concluded that he had been urinating in the Chihaya train station elevator every work day for six months. Officials contend the fine matched the cost of fixing the corroded elevator. The commuter challenged the fine, claiming that poor initial construction of the elevator resulted in the high cost of repairs.


SCOTLAND: Prison officials in Scotland transferred a pre-operative transsexual man who was serving 18 years for a torture slaying. Why did they transfer him? He was transferred from the woman’s prison to which he had been assigned, after he was caught having sex with some of the women. It appears that prison officials were a bit premature by putting him in with the women.


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