Weird Criminal Law Stories # 356: Mistletoe…

OREGON: In December 2013, authorities in Oregon banned an 11-year-old girl from selling mistletoe because she did not have the proper permits. Madison Root said she only wanted to make some money to help her family pay for braces. She was told to stop selling in a public park, but was also told she could request donations.


NEW MEXICO: You’re a bad one Mr. Grinch! A very bold thief towed away an offbeat pastor’s “church on wheels,” actually a trailer, from a parking lot in Albuquerque. The trailer contained $40,000 in equipment and toys for charity.


ALASKA: Alcohol might have been involved. This report comes to us just after Thanksgiving. A Fairbanks resident was arrested after he brawled with his neighbor over Thanksgiving dessert. Police report David Wilcox demanded that the neighbor give him some pie.  When the man refused, Wilcox forced his way into the home and a bloody knife fight ensued. It was further reported that neither combatant was seriously injured.

SOUTH CAROLINA: How did he get up there? Police in Charleston were tipped off about an operating meth lab on the roof of a dormitory at the College of Charleston. They arrested a 25-year-old man, not a student, who was cooking up the drug.

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