Weird Criminal Law Stories # 357: Police Pimp?

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Police officer or Pimp? A DC Metropolitan police officer was arrested recently on charges of enlisting two teenage girls to work for him as prostitutes. Linwood Barnhill, who had been on the force since 1989, has been placed on administrative leave, faces two counts of pandering a minor.


TEXAS: Recently, a judge handed  down a sentence of probation and no jail time for a teenage drunken driver who killed four pedestrians. The Fort Worth judge accepted the defense lawyer’s arguments that the 16-year-0ld Ethan Couch suffers from “affluenza” and has no self-control because his rich parents let him drink with no consequences.  According reports he will be on probation for ten years.


TENNESSEE: Happy Meal? A Nashville couple ordered two McDonald’s breakfasts. Instead they were given a bag full of money.  Workers were supposed to take the cash to the bank, but instead, it got mixed up with the breakfast orders and handed to Greg and Stacye Terry. Fortunately, a quick-witted employee who realized the error followed the couple home and was able to retrieve the money.


CALIFORNIA:  Let them eat flesh! A man miffed that his parents would not let him visit with the family cat, allegedly bit his father so viciously that he ripped of pieces of flesh.  Told that the pet was recovering from surgery and needed privacy, Yevgeniy Bolshakov, 26, flew into a rage against both his parents and threatened to burn their house to the ground. Upon his arrest for assault and threats, Bolshakov pleaded not guilty.


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