Weird Criminal Law Stories # 358: Faker Faker!!

NEW YORK: Liar, liar, panties on fire! A Long Island woman has admitted she was addicted to heroin when she raised several thousand dollars by falsely claiming she had cancer and needed the money for treatments. Her parents had given her $25,000 over a two year period and her grandmother gave her $10,000 from her savings. She used the money to buy heroin.  Brittany Ozarowski, 21, of Miller Place, pleaded guilty in early December 2013 in Suffolk County Court to a 24 count indictment charging her with grand larceny, forgery and other crimes.


CALIFORNIA: Boom! The city of Salinas is two hours south of San Francisco. The Salinas Police Department has received a killer of a Christmas gift for their SWAT team this Christmas. It is a massive armored military truck that had seen action in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The $650,000 vehicle was a free gift from the military, and it can withstand everything from gunshots to rocket-propelled grenades.


TEXAS: He who lives by the sword will… Recently a Texas town opened the nation’s largest luxury indoor shooting range. On its opening day the range manager at the Frisco Gun Club shot himself in the hand while cleaning a weapon for a patron. He went to the hospital and, we learn that patrons went on with their shooting business at the club’s 36 handgun-firing lanes, four rifle lanes and a VIP club.


GERMANY:  “Treenappers?” A sapling cloned from the tree that lifted Anne Frank’s spirits while she hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam has been felled and stolen from outside a school in Frankfort bearing the name of the Jewish teenager. Spokesman Manfred Fuellhardt said the 8-foot tree was stolen over the weekend from the grounds of the Anne Frank School.



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