Weird Criminal Law Stories # 359: Undocumented Alien?

ARIZONA: Don’t believe everything your family may tell you. Law enforcement officials have egg on their faces after their spokeswoman learned that she was an undocumented alien living illegally in the U.S. Carmen Figueroa, who worked for 13 years as an officer and spokeswoman for the State Department of Public safety, resigned after her brother applied for a visa and underwent a background check that revealed his family’s immigration status. Ms. Figueroa said her family had told her they had legally immigrated to the States. D’OH!


NEW JERSEY: An atheist group, the Foundation for Freedom from Religion, tried to oppose a “Keep Christ in Christmas” banner in the town of Pitman by erecting one honoring ancient pagan rites which read “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.” However, two men in a pickup truck quickly doused it with gasoline and set it on fire.


NEW JERSEY: Perhaps she was a Houdini relative! A Georgia resident was one of several suspects arrested at a Walmart in Union City for alleged credit card fraud. She was handcuffed behind her back and left alone in the rear of a police car while officers tended to the other suspects. Somehow the 5-foot-seven, 140-pound lady managed to get her hands in front of her, climb through the small partition between the front and back sets and sped off. Police continue to search for her.


NEW MEXICO: Absolut or Cristal? A mother in Albuquerque was caught while trying to shoplift a bottle of vodka while pushing her 1-year-old in its stroller. Grocery store employees caught Andrea Garcia as she allegedly tried to secret the vodka into the stroller with the baby. Her boyfriend threatened the employees with a knife and then ran off and abandoned his child and its mother, according a police report.


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