Weird Criminal Law Stories # 360: Some Christmas Stories

ITALY: Merry Dildo? An outdoor Christmas tree in Milan had to be cleaned up after city officials removed dildos and other sex toys that had been placed on the tree as ornaments. A Milanese woman who has launched a Italian sex toy e-commerce website defended the “Tree of Pleasure,” which she said was intended to end taboos by making the items “normal everyday objects.”


NEW YORK: Merry Christmas! Police arrested a man carrying a cash register full of bills on the Long Island Rail Road in mid-December. Cory Ford. 34, of Newark told MTA police officers at Jamaica station that he had purchased the register at Walmart. However, authorities determined it had been stolen from a Patchogue store. N-sane!


PENNSYLVANIA: Naughty Santa, maybe? Police pulled over driver Randy Valdivia, 38, on I-80 near State College a week before Christmas and obtained his permission to search. The search revealed 20 pounds of marijuana in the trunk wrapped as boxes of Christmas gifts.


ICELAND: Sounds like peace loving country. Police in Iceland had never fatally shot a criminal until early December of 2013. Officers in Reykjavik gunned down a man who fired on a SWAT team with a shotgun. The national police chief said the incident was “without precedent.”


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