Weird Criminal Law # 375: The sting!

NEW YORK CITY: What a sting for a crossing guard, and it wasn’t even real coke! An on-duty crossing guard in Queens was arrested after being given a bag with cash and cocaine inside and failing to turn it in to law enforcement authorities. Bernard Pelzer, 58, was directing school children across the street when he was targeted in an NYPD integrity test designed to nab department employees for misconduct. He took a bag containing cash and white powder that looked like cocaine and tried to keep it. He was charged with petit larceny, official misconduct, possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance. Silly Pelzer, he should have smelled a set up.


MASSACHUSSETTS: What a crazy way to waste bacon and sausages! Lindsey McNamara made headline in Framingham last December 26 when she was caught on video hurling bacon and sausages in a police station, saying “It’s time to feed the piggies.” She was charged with malicious destruction of property. However, a judge dismissed the charge, ruling police had failed to show any damage. Still, she did have to pay $150 for her disorderly conduct.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: They say this guy made a ‘grave mistake.” Michael Day, 38, pleaded guilty to helping a female friend to dig up her father’s grave in hopes of finding his “real will.” No will was found, but a bottle of vodka, cigarettes and cash were swiped by the grave robbers.


WISCONSIN: We smell a drinking problem! A drunken driver claimed the reason police smelled alcohol on his breath was because he had just finished eating “beer-battered fish.” Police found that John P, 75, had been driving around with an open can of red dog beer in his truck. Police report that Mr. P had nine previous DUI convictions and failed yet another sobriety test when they tested him.




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