Weird Criminal Law # 376:

IOWA: OMG! “” A woman experiencing bad blood between her and her neighbors is facing a stint in jail after mailing them a box of cow dung. We learn that Kim Cape, 41, used “” to anonymously mail the dung to the neighboring couple after they repeatedly complained to police about her dog’s barking. “After all the problems we’ve had, I thought it would be a funny thing to do,” Cape explained to authorities.


PENNSYLVANIA: Shane you are an idiot. After a robbery you are supposed to make a getaway. Shane Lindsey, 32, was arrested at Eazer’s Restaurant and Deli in the town of New Kensington after robbing the Citizens Bank. Witnesses to the robbery spotted Lindsey duck into a restaurant, but pursuing police assumed he was long gone. Detective Bob Deringer went into Eazer’s to look at surveillance footage, and saw the suspect eating. “Then I see his face on the video and I said. ‘Holy crap! That’s him!’” An arrest was soon made.

MASSACHUSSETTS: A mixed-martial-arts fighter was arrested for allegedly beating two men he strapped to a cross. Vito Resto of Springfield hung his victims on the makeshift cross and pummeled them for “misdeeds in the drug trade,” reports say. Resto, a top fighter who has a tattoo of Christ on one shoulder, pleaded not guilty to kidnapping, assault and battery charges.


FLORIDA: We wonder what the young men were learning in this college? FastTrain, a network of seven now defunct, for-profit colleges, used strippers to recruit students and coached students on how to lie on financial forms to obtain taxpayer dollars, all according to a lawsuit recently filed in Florida. It is alleged in the legal filing that FastTrain “purposely hired attractive women and sometimes exotic dancers and encouraged them to dress provocatively” to recruit young men.




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