Weird Criminal Law # 377:Naked Rage!

CONNECTICUT: Police labeled it as plain old naked rage… A stripper angry at being stiffed on tips allegedly trashed the Ruby II bar in Bridgeport and assaulted patrons. Fran Ruiz, 28, also threw bottles around and kicked the bouncer in the groin. Witnesses reported that as she was being handcuffed, she spit in the officer’s faces. A real hellcat!


CALIFORNIA: Please let poor old Larry rest in Peace. A man who died in 2012 was mysteriously reappointed to a county board. Layette County officials simply never checked in with Larry Markwood, who died two years earlier, before reappointing him to the industrial-authority board, they admitted. They will be smarter about the reappoint process in the future, Commissioner Vincent Zapotosky promised.


CALIFORNIA: A cross cross-dresser on a rampage? Why? A man in a leopard print bikini top and black skirt rampaged through a San Diego Denny’s restaurant earlier this year, sending patrons scurrying as he hurled glasses, a skillet and utensils. It was revealed that the cross cross-dresser, who thought his cell phone had been stolen, went on the rampage when a manager turned down his request to check the restaurant surveillance footage. Police were called, but there is no information whether an arrest was made.


NEBRASKA: Yes, another drunken dummy! A man was arrested for drunken driving after police noticed him driving down the road with four flat tires and an inflated air bag. Richard Cruz, 47, allegedly tried to make a break to get away, put the lack of air in his tires made it impossible. Omaha police charged Cruz with his fourth DUI and took him to jail.


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