Weird Criminal Law # 379: MEEOOOW!

OKLAHOMA: But it could be such useful advice! A history teacher was suspended late last year for posting a quote about cats in his classroom. Steven Alcorn could possible lose his job for displaying a sign with the phrase, “In the dark, all cats are gray,” a quote from Benjamin Franklin that encourages young men to sleep with older women. The quote, we learn, is taken from a letter dubbed: “Advice to a Young Man Choosing a Mistress,” which authorities contend was much too racy for school. MEEEOOOWW…


COLORADO: Bang, bang, nitwits. Colorado Springs homeowner Christian Clark, 28, and his buddy Codie Leslie, 23, were drinking and taking target practice in Clark’s makeshift basement shooting gallery. Police were called to the scene after neighbors heard gunfire coming from inside the house. No arrests were made but the police issued citations to the trigger happy young men.


ARIZONA: Who Knew? A chuckleheaded football fan was fired from his dream job working at Super Bowl XLIX, after he posted a photo of himself flashing his credentials on Facebook. Russ Knight, who was hired to work on a radio broadcast, got a call from NFL security a few hours after he posted the photo of himself. Officials explained that they were firing him because it was against the rules to post photos of Super Bowl credentials online due to duplication concerns.


NEW MEXICO: There was certainly a “ceiling” to her intelligence…  A woman arrested and taken to a hospital for swallowing drugs, tried to escape custody by climbing through the hospital ceiling. She was missing for an hour before police found up there.

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