Weird Criminal Law # 380: A Super Bowl Feast?

FLORIDA: Only in Florida, only in Florida… A Volusia County man accused of catching young alligators for a Super Bowl dinner beat the small reptiles to death with a hammer and used a power saw to hack off their tails. These details were contained in a report made by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, whose officers charged Richard Nixie, 30, of DeBary with taking and possessing alligators without a permit tag. The Commission also cited Robert Lewis, 26, Nixie’s neighbor; allegedly he helped skin the gators and prepared the meat for cooking.


ARKANSAS: GIRDLE UP! State officials took over administrative operations at the Little Rock School District February 1, 2015, after the state enforced an unpopular dress code for staff, which mandated that teachers wear underwear and bras to school every day and banned Spandex.


NORTH CAROLINA: Would this have been a “cereal” killing if he had died? A woman mistakenly shot her Fort Bragg soldier husband, believing he was an intruder after he returned home with a surprise breakfast for her. Zia S accidently set off the house alarm when he entered, waking his wife tiffany, who then grabbed a shotgun and fired through the bedroom door. He was not serious hurt. No charges were brought against Tiffany.


SOUTH CAROLINA: God and space aliens, oh come on! A man and woman broke into Carowinds theme park in Fort Mill after closing. Fran Gee and Jay Lay claimed that God and space aliens urged them to break in, police said. They were charged with trespassing and child neglect when police found an 8-year-old boy alone in their truck.




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