Weird Criminal Law # 381: Hot stuff at McDonald’s —

FLORIDA: Have it your way at McDonald’s? We learn that a frisky but inebriated couple was hauled to jail for having sex on the trunk of a car in a McDonald’s parking lot. Police report that Andrea Paulling, 23, and Michael Marin, 22, were kicked out of a Vero Beach McDonald’s after swigging liquor from a bottle, then they got it on outside.


KENTUCKY: Deborah, you are a lunkhead. Certain things you just don’t advertise in public! Police in Kentucky found plenty of “probable cause” to arrest 37-year-old Deborah Asher who they spotted wearing a tee shirt that read: “I love crystal meth.” The Laurel County sheriff’s department arrested her on charges of trafficking meth. We learn that her mug shot shows her still wearing the tee shirt.


LOUISIANA: Big stink??? It has been reported that Police in New Orleans are trying to sniff out a bad guy.  He is a thief that stole 30 air fresheners from a Family Dollar Store, worth more than $200. It is obvious that the police would make a big stink over this case because there is a reward of $2,500 for information leading to the thief’s arrest.


CALIFORNIA: What a dangerous idiot. We never knew that snakes let off a smell! A teacher who was arrested a few months ago for hoarding more than 400 hundred snakes in his orange County home has now been charged with felony animal abuse. William Beckman was arrested after neighbors complained about a foul smell coming from his home.




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