Weird Criminal Law # 382: All New York Stories

NEW YORK CITY: Do not send in the clowns… It has been reported that two clowns were led out of the Times Square subway station in handcuffs under arrest in early February of this years for annoying subway riders. Andrew Valins, 37, and Gordon Reintis, 42, were trying to get some laughs from stone-faced subway riders while dressed as clowns on the Times Square-Grand Central shuttle. The men wearing white face paint and big red noses were walking up and down the  train car while  trying to get riders to eat from a bow of peanuts. A few passengers got off the train and reported the clowns to patrol officer. Valins and Reintis were charged with loitering.


NEW YORK CITY: Sounds like grandpa needs his eyes checked. A 79-year-old man who thought he was picking up his great-grandchild from school picked up the wrong child and did not realize the mix-up until his wife saw the kid. When the grandpa pulled into his garage the child refused to get out of the car. The man went into the house and got his wife who took off the child’s hat and realized that the great-grand father had picked up the wrong child. The wife immediately called the school. It is reported that the two kindergarten boys were wearing similar hats, the same color coats and are about the same size. It was further reported that police are investigating the matter.


NEW YORK CITY: Angel, you are a dangerous blockhead! Angel Flores, 47, went ballistic because he did not like the photos of him that his girlfriend had posted to her Facebook. He demanded that she take the photos down. When she did not do so right away, he grabbed her 2-year-old daughter and threatened to throw her from the 10th-floor balcony of the girlfriend’s Staten Island apartment. He then pulled a knife on the girlfriend and next ripped a television off a wall and stomped it to bits. Police were called. The woman and child were not seriously injured and Flores was arrested for criminal mischief, weapon possession and endangering the life of a child.


NEW YORK: A very, very strange kitty case, indeed! A man was arrested in late 2014, in connection with the April discovery in Yonkers of 25 dead cats hanging from trees in plastic bags, a grisly find that led cat lovers to post $25,000 in reward money. Westchester County’s Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which offered the reward, said Rene Carcamo, 60, of Yonkers was charged with illegally disposing of the cats but not with killing them. Carcamo was also charged with animal cruelty after a vet found that two kittens in his possession were severely neglected.

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