Weird Criminal Law Stories # 383: All Florida Stories

FLORIDA: The headline read simply: “Rats.” Animal rescue workers found that a Tampa woman’s house was overtaken by more than 300 pet rats. Flora Brown, 36, had originally bought five pet rats that quickly began to multiply. The rats then began nesting in her walls and her furniture. It is reported that the animal rescue workers removed hundreds of the rats and are planning to put some of them up for adoption. Rats!


FLORIDA: Temper, temper… Police handcuffed a man who allegedly threatened to blow up a strip club after the manager tried to confiscate his beer. Ronald Bright, 50 tried to enter the Lido Cabaret in Cape Canaveral in December 2014, with an open can of beer when the manager stopped him. Bright also reportedly warned that he would shoot and kill sheriff’s deputies if they tried to arrest him – but he didn’t.


FLORIDA: What a nincompoop! A man held up a convenience store in Cape Canaveral – and left his wallet containing his ID. So Brevard County Sheriff’s deputies went to home of Benjamin Shaw, 25, and arrested him in connection with the $40 robbery.


FLORIDA: We have reason to believe alcohol may have been involved in this one. A young punk irritated workers at a pharmacy when he stripped naked and curled up in doggie bed. The 22-year-old man dragged the doggie bed into the bathroom of the CVS near Tampa and fell asleep on top of it. Police later charged the man with theft because the doggie bed was unsellable after the nude nap.


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