Weird Criminal Law # 384: Peeping Tom?

AUSTRALIA: Peeping Tom? A recent report reveals that a group of quick –moving nudists chased down a peeping Tom on a beach and performed a citizen’s arrest in the buff. Sun worshippers in their birthday suits spotted the perv allegedly filming them in Adelaide, police and the nudists said.


FLORIDA: Sounds like this kid may grow up to be a real pervert. A teenager was arrested for posing as a pervy physician. The young doctor wannabe wore a white lab coat labeled “anesthesiology” at an OB-GYN office in West Palm Beach, a patient told police. The kid was arrested after his mother ratted him out.


FLORIDA: An elderly bingo fan became so angry when a police officer tried to remove her from a bingo hall in Delray Beach; she ripped his walkie-talkie speaker off his uniform. Julia Garabo, 64, had gotten into a fight with another patron, and was arrested when she put her hand on the police officer.


NORWAY: He deserves to starve himself to death!! The worst mass murderer in the country’s history is threatening to go on a hunger strike until death unless he gets more prison amenities, including access to the latest version of Play Station video games. Anders Behring Breivik, who made the threat in a letter to the media, killed 77 people during a one-day rampage in 2011 that included bombing buildings and a mass shooting at a youth camp.






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