Weird Criminal Law # 385 : Blame the wife!

FLORIDA: When caught always blame the wife first! It has been reported that a squatter lived like a king for two nights at a luxury Palm Beach resort – because nobody noticed him stroll into the hotel room. Norman Karwacki, 29, of Boynton Beach, relaxed in the laps of luxury for two nights at the $731-per-night Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa, before making off with a wall mounted TV. He was soon arrested and told police he had been staying there because he had gotten into a fight with his wife.


NEW YORK: Oh deer, oh deer! Someone need glasses! A man who shot a deer in the Hudson Valley woods was hauling it away in a cart when he was wounded by a second hunter firing at the dead animal. The second hunter who thought the moving deer was alive, struck the first hunter in the hand and the buttocks, according to a report from the duchess County police. The injured hunter was treated and released from the hospital. No word on whether charges are being brought against the second hunter.


CONNECTICUT: The headline read: “Hair today, goon tomorrow.” It has been reported that a man went ballistic over a bad haircut that cost him $50, flinging a candle display across the salon, yelling at a stylist and customers –- and kicking a hole in the wall. After his tantrum, the man had the nerve to return to salon and ask the stylist to fix his hair. The staff call 911 and when police arrived he was quickly arrested.


JAPAN: Research goats? Who knew the meat was so expensive. Two very poor Vietnamese men working and studying in Japan stole two research lab goats in an effort to make a little money. The convicted criminals, one of whom had a record of stealing bento boxes from local sushi spots, slaughtered the animals, ate some of the meat and sold the rest for more than $1,000. Authorities claim that both of the men may get two years in prison.



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