Weird Criminal Law Stories # 404: A Real Hoot?

MASSACHUSETTS: The headline read: “A real hoot!” A drunken driver smashed his car into a snowbank, drove off with police on his tail, then jumped over a guardrail and ran into some woods. Police spotted him an hour later – 30 feet up in a tree he had climbed. The man asked the police had they caught the “guy who had crashed.” Then he explained it could not have been him because he was an owl.


MISSOURI: This one will probably be dismissed very soon. A couple was arrested for shooting a fast-food drive-through clerk — with a Nerf gun. Stephanie W 22, and Mark A, 26 were charged with assault despite not causing any injuries with the stunt caught on surveillance video in suburban St. Louis.


NEW JERSEY: Maybe Brad Pitt put them up to this! Two day-care workers accused of running a kiddie “Fight Club” recently pleaded not guilty to charges of cruelty to children and child neglect in connection with the brawls they had children ages 4 to 6 enact at the Lightbridge Academy in the town of Cranford. It is alleged that Ms. White set up the fights and Ms. Kenny video-recorded the tussles. The videos purport to show about a dozen boys and girls shoving and striking one another during melees and one-on-one brawl on the day care playground. Kenny can allegedly be heard egging on the children and comparing the bouts to “Fight Club,” as she quotes from the popular 1999 Brad Pitt – Edward Norton movie and novel of the same name.  Both women were fired and official at Lightbridge have apologized to parents.

NEW YORK: The gang who could not shoot straight, maybe? New York City police fired 70 rounds of ammunition at a gunman who turned his weapon on them shortly after shooting a man during a robbery but the suspect was hit only struck once in the leg. The suspect, Jerrol Harrison, 52, had allegedly shot Leon Faison, 27, at 1:00 am on morning. When police arrived Harrison fired his weapon several times at police. Police responded with the 70 shot fusillade. Harrison and Faison were sent to separate hospitals. The officers involved in the shootout were being treated for minor injuries by EMT workers at the scene.


NORTH CAROLINA: Mo money, mo jail time…  A college student in Greensboro was arrested in January for counterfeiting after allegedly passing phony $100 bills bearing the signature “Moe Money” instead of that of the Secretary of the Treasury. Symone Brown had allegedly produced nearly $13,000 in “Moe” bills.


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