Weird Criminal Law Stories # 413: Say it ain’t so Huck!

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Say it ain’t so Huck… A man named Huckleberry Finn followed a woman into her home and sexually assaulted her, police say. Finn, 36, allegedly assaulted the woman in the town of Keene. The Mark Twain character’s namesake was arrested shortly after the assault was reported to police. Huck was charged with sexual assault and is being held in jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.


ILLINOIS: The headline read: “His getaway car got away.” Che Hearn, 25, who lives in the town of Zion, has been nicknamed the “unlucky thief” after his car was repossessed during an alleged theft. A repo man towed Hearn’s car while he was allegedly stealing electronics from a Walmart in Round Lake Beach, police report. We learn further that Hearn ditched the stolen goods when confronted by a store employee. He was later found walking on the side of the road and arrested.


ILLINOIS: Why the beef??? An impatient Wendy’s drive-thru customer in Chicago was so hungry that he opened fire on another driver who tried to cut in front of him, police said. The starving suspect had pulled up in in an SUV at about 11:50 pm before the shooting unfolded. Police further reported that two men, 20 and 23, were hospitalized with injuries from broken glass.


INDIANA: OINK? Indiana’s highest court is considering whether a police officer was wrongly denied a vanity license plate saying “OINK,” which state officials deemed offensive.  Greenfield police officer Rodney Vawter sued the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles on the grounds of free speech after it denied his request for the license plate.



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