Weird Criminal Law Stories # 414: Dead Wrong

FLORIDA: It appears he was dead wrong.  A Miami man was arrested for stealing a corpse from a casket. Pedro Gonzalez, 39, faces burglary charges after he allegedly broke into the Charlotte Jane Memorial Park Cemetery in Coconut Grove last year, yanked open a coffin and took the remains inside, said police. No knows why Gonzalez wanted the corpse.


IOWA: He was a real fraud, but the sentence is real! We learn that Eddie Tipton, a former Iowa lottery official, was sentenced to ten years in prison for rigging a computerized game in 2010 in an attempt to win a $14 million jackpot. Mr. Tipton, 52, never received any money, and a jury convicted him in 2015 on two counts of fraud. He was also accused of trying to get friends to cash the prize for him without revealing his identity.


PENNSYLVANIA: He would have been better off if he had used a black beard. Chris Furay was captured on video robbing six Pittsburgh-area banks. It has been revealed that in the first three stickups he didn’t cover his real red beard. Later he disguised himself with a fake red beard. It didn’t take police department to connect the dots. Furay is now in prison where he is contemplating another career he might pursue.


LOUISIANA: The headline read: “He really wanted to fly.” A DUI suspect plowed through fences surrounding the Louis Armstrong International Airport near New Orleans and got on a runway, police reported. The drunken man crashed through another fence before police cornered and stopped him at, of all places, an auto repair shop.


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