Weird Criminal Law Stories # 416: Kitty Love

CALIFORNIA: MEOW… A suspected car thief was chased to the third floor of a building and dangled out the window, threatening to commit suicide…until his cat came to the rescue, according to San Francisco police. During the standoff, a relative of the suspect brought his orange tabby to the scene. The kitty’s presence calmed the suspect and allowed police to talk him down.


CALIFORNIA: The thief does not have a leg to stand on!  In LA a human leg was stolen from a van belonging to an organ-and –tissue-donation organization., authorities report. The theft early on a Monday morning while staffers for the non-profit One Legacy stopped for a bite at a downtown restaurant. Police said the thief who stole the cooler in which the leg was stored  didn’t likely know what was in it, and was probably very surprised when he did look.


CALIFORNIA: You can’t cut out the middle man after a murder. A San Jose man who wanted to confess to a murder decided to cut out the middle man. So Hugh Castro, 28, turned himself in at the Santa Clara County Jail. However, after he repeatedly told guards he had strangled his girlfriend, the guards transported Castro to the local police station where he was arrested.


FLORIDA: …And they say honesty is always the best policy – HA! A woman tried to hit her husband with her car after he confessed to a four-decades-old affair. Barbara Yedynak, 77, was so enraged at the confession that she threatened the husband with a knife and scratched him too, before car caper.

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