Weird Criminal Law Stories # 419:Down the Toilet

OREGON: The headline read: “Crime career down the toilet.” A woman wanted on identity theft charges was arrested in the town of Eugene after a construction worker found her hiding beneath the lid of a portable toilet. Dawn Shockey, 27, who had two warrants for her arrest ran when police tried to speak to her on a Saturday morning. A witness advised police that she saw the woman run through her yard and climb a fence onto the property of the Eugene Swim and Tennis club. About 20 minutes later a construction worker told police he found her after lifting the lid of a port-a-potty. Shockey voluntarily left the potty and was arrested by police. Phew!

AUSTRIA: The joke was on her, wasn’t it! We learn that an Austrian grandmother destroyed her fortune in an effort to stop her heirs from getting their hand on it. The 85-year-old woman chopped up 950,000 euros – the equivalent of $1.1 million – shortly before she passed away. According to wire service report. Authorities found her body surrounded by shredded money. However, we learn further that her wish to cut off her heirs won’t work. The money was insured and Austria’s central bank OeNB is likely to replace the cash.

BRAZIL: It is well known that prisoners have no use for “rats.” However, mice are different. It has been reported that inmates of a Brazilian prison used a mouse as a drug mule after training it to go from cell to cell with a packet of cocaine on its tail.



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