Weird Criminal Law Stories # 420: For lack of a bell!

CANADA: Busted for the lack of a bell and more! Police in Edmonton pulled over a cyclist to cite him for riding on the sidewalk and not having a bell on his bike. During the stop, a knife fell out of the 25-year-old’s pants and an ensuing search turned up a sawed off shotgun and drugs in his backpack. Police say he is now facing weapons and drug charges along with a ticket for not having a bell on his bike.


SWEDEN: Come on – you got to be kidding me on this one! A woman mistakenly taken by police from her home to a psychiatric hospital ended up with a $60 bill for the blunder. One of her neighbors in the town of Kalmar had called an emergency-service number and expressed suicidal thoughts. After the mistake was cleared up the woman still received an invoice for $60 for her hospital visit.


SAUDI ARABIA: Seems someone was planning a big beer bash! Saudi customs authorities discovered 48,000 cans of illegal beer disguised as Pepsi and being smuggled into the country. Video shows customs officers cutting off the blue cola label to find green-and-white Heineken cans underneath. Importation or brewing of beer or the distilling and selling of any alcohol product is against the law in Saudi Arabia.


CHILE: Education officials are red-faced over a mix up that sent a sexually explicit version of a classic fable to 283 of the country’s elementary schools. The six short stories in Little Red Riding Hood Eats the Wolf by Pilar Quintana feature adult themes, including the rape of a pre-teen.



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